Peter, Ben, and Jill found each other in a “History of Christian Music” class while attending seminary at Regent College in Vancouver, BC.  There they discovered a shared love for old hymns of the church in danger of being forgotten.  It wasn’t until after they recorded their first record, an Advent album, that they officially formed Ordinary Time.  They all graduated with graduate degrees in Theology & the Arts, and although Ben and Jill no longer live in Vancouver, they try to play and record and just hang out as much as possible (which currently is about twice a year).

Peter La Grand (pictured right) grew up as the youngest of four boys and a pastor’s son, in Canada and the U.S.A.  He attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids before heading on to seminary at Regent College.  He now lives in Vancouver with his wife Kristen and their children.  He works in social housing in Vancouver’s downtown eastside  Check out his solo albums and events here.

Ben Keyes (center) grew up playing music outside of Boston Massachusetts.  He studied ethnomusicology at Brown University where he explored the beauties of old-time music, bluegrass, blues, gospel and traditional Irish music.  After five years of growing trees at a bonsai nursery, he attended Regent College in Vancouver Canada where he studied Theology and the Arts.  Ben lives and works at L’Abri fellowship with his wife and three children. You can hear more of his amazing music here here.

Jill McFadden grew up playing music with her three younger sisters in Panama City, on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast.  She studied music at Furman University and Theology & Culture at the Trinity Forum Academy (a residential fellowship program started by Os Guinness) before heading to Regent College to study Theology & the Arts.  She lives in Baltimore with her husband Ian and son Declan.